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Hello! Welcome!
This journal is entirely dedicated to icons and other graphics related to Harry Potter. Fangirl much?

Here you'll find:

1. NO HOTLINKING! To use any graphics properly right-click and save them onto your computer. Upload them using an image hosting site (look them up on google, many are free) and use those links instead. Please, please do that, I've already had enough trouble with hotlinkers: too many hotlinkers = no images showing
2. Always credit iiconic and the creator of any artwork I use
3. Comment if using anything, I'd like to know which ones are popular
4. No editing the graphics and claiming as your own

# All Potterpuff stuff (unless stated otherwise) is by potterpuffs who we must all credit and worship
# Other Potterpuff creators: embyquinn and riddler_
# Many bases are from
# Many borders to icons are from september_icons
# GoF caps by teh_indy, dj43/dj_capslock

# The header was made by me; layout codes by starlingsby100
# potterpuffs moodtheme by frozenwithin


# _playmeamemory

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